Visdrone Dataset

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Visualization of the Visdrone -DET dataset on the Deep Lake UI

Visdrone dataset

What is Visdrone Dataset?

.The AISKYEYE team at Tianjin University Lab of Machine Learning and Data Mining has gathered the data for the VisDrone

benchmark dataset. It is designed to promote the integration of vision and drones.The benchmark dataset consists of 288 video clips composed of 261,908 frames and 10,209 static photos collected by several drone-mounted cameras, encompassing a wide variety of features such as location (taken from 14 different cities separated by thousands of kilometres in China), environment (urban and country), objects (pedestrian, automobiles, bicycles, etc.), and density (sparse and crowded scenes). It should be noted that the dataset was gathered utilising a variety of drone platforms (i.e., drones of various types), in a variety of settings, and under a variety of weather and lighting circumstances.

Download Visdrone-DET Dataset in Python

Instead of downloading the Visdrone-DET dataset in Python, you can effortlessly load it in Python via our Deep Lake open-source with just one line of code.

Load Visdrone-DET Dataset Training Subset in Python

					import deeplake
ds = deeplake.load("hub://activeloop/visdrone-det-train")

Load Visdrone-DET Dataset Testing Subset in Python

					import deeplake
ds = deeplake.load("hub://activeloop/visdrone-det-test")

Load Visdrone-DET Dataset Validation Subset in Python

					import deeplake
ds = deeplake.load("hub://activeloop/visdrone-det-val")

Load Visdrone-DET Dataset Testing-DEV Subset in Python

					import deeplake
ds = deeplake.load("hub://activeloop/visdrone-det-test-dev")

Visdrone-DETDataset Structure

Visdrone-DET Data Fields
  • image: tensor containing the image
  • label: tensor representing the object detected.
  • boxes: tensor representing bounding box for the object of interest
Visdrone-DET Data Splits
  • Visdrone-DET training split comprises 6471 images.
  • Visdrone-DET testing split comprises 548 images.
  • Visdrone-DET validation split comprises 1580 images.
  • Visdrone-DET test-dev split comprises 1610 images.

How to use Visdrone-DET Dataset with PyTorch and TensorFlow in Python

Train a model on Visdrone-DET dataset with PyTorch in Python

Let’s use Deep Lake built-in PyTorch one-line dataloader to connect the data to the compute:

					dataloader = ds.pytorch(num_workers=0, batch_size=4, shuffle=False)
Train a model on Visdrone-DET dataset with TensorFlow in Python
					dataloader = ds.tensorflow()

Additional Information about Visdrone-DET Dataset

Visdrone-DET Dataset Description

Visdrone-DET Dataset Curators

Zhu, Pengfei and Wen, Longyin and Du, Dawei and Bian, Xiao and Fan, Heng and Hu, Qinghua and Ling, Haibin

Visdrone-DET Dataset Licensing Information

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If you’re a dataset owner and do not want your dataset to be included in this library, please get in touch through a GitHub issue. Thank you for your contribution to the ML community!

Visdrone-DET Dataset Citation Information
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