Optical Handwritten Digits Dataset

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Visualization of Optical Handwritten Digits Dataset on the Deep Lake UI (Note: original dataset is in low resolution)

Optical Handwritten Digits Dataset

What is Optical Handwritten Digits Dataset?

The Optical Handwritten Digits Dataset was generated from the preprocessing program made available by NIST. The dataset was extracted from normalized bitmaps of handwritten digits of a preprinted form. It was generated with the help of 43 people, 30 contributed to the training set and remaining for the test set. After dividing 32×32 bitmaps, the authors have converted them into 8×8 input matrix (each element is an integer in the range 0..16). This dataset’s dimensionality has been reduced and contains invariance in small distortions.

Downloading Optical Handwritten Digits Dataset in Python

Instead of downloading the Optical Handwritten Digits in Python, you can effortlessly load it in Python via our Deep Lake open-source with just one line of code.

Load Optical Handwritten Digits Train Dataset Subset in Python

					import deeplake
ds = deeplake.load('hub://activeloop/optical-handwritten-digits-train')

Load Optical Handwritten Digits Test Dataset Subset in Python

					import deeplake
ds = deeplake.load('hub://activeloop/optical-handwritten-digits-test')

Optical Handwritten Digits Dataset Structure

Data Fields
  • images: tensor containing the image
  • labels: tensor containing labels of an corresponding image

How to use Optical Handwritten Digits Dataset with PyTorch and TensorFlow in Python

Train a model on Optical Handwritten Digits dataset with PyTorch in Python

Let’s use Deep Lake built-in PyTorch one-line dataloader to connect the data to the compute:

					dataloader = ds.pytorch(num_workers=0, batch_size=4, shuffle=False)
Train a model on Optical Handwritten Digits dataset with TensorFlow in Python
					dataloader = ds.tensorflow()

Additional Information about Optical Handwritten Digits Dataset

Optical Handwritten Digits Dataset Description

Optical Handwritten Digits Dataset Contributors
E. Alpaydin, C. Kaynak
Optical Handwritten Digits Dataset Licensing Information
Deep Lake users may have access to a variety of publicly available datasets. We do not host or distribute these datasets, vouch for their quality or fairness, or claim that you have a license to use the datasets. It is your responsibility to determine whether you have permission to use the datasets under their license.
If you’re a dataset owner and do not want your dataset to be included in this library, please get in touch through a GitHub issue. Thank you for your contribution to the ML community!
Optical Handwritten Digits Dataset Citation Information
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